PEST analysis

29 May 2020

As product managers, we need to understand the different worlds that our customers operate in. A PEST analysis is a strategic business tool used to capture, organise and analyse the external macro-economic factors impacting our customers that in turn impact the success of our product now and in the future. It is a valuable tool for market research and helps understand and forecast market growth or decline; it highlights opportunities, helps mitigate risk and steers our decision making. 

User personas

22 April 2020

User personas are the foundations of good product design and development. Product teams need a deep understanding of who they’re building products for and why. Researched, validated and documented user personas help you design strong user journeys, epics, user stories and use cases for the development teams to work their magic.

Video: Value curves

17 April 2020

Value curves are a great visual comparison of products. Apart from being a good research tool in their own right, they're also an excellent communication tool to share with your stakeholders and they're useful data-driven support for your investment case if you're bidding for product improvement funding.

Messaging canvas

8 April 2020

Controlling what is said about our product can be difficult. But it's crucial! The last thing we want is for our sales and marketing stakeholders to have to make up the narrative around our products. That's our job! 

Buyer personas

1 April 2020

Buyer personas are a vital piece of the jigsaw for high-level solution design, building your value proposition and targeting your messaging. In a typical B2B buying cycle, four key personas make the decisions.

Competitor canvas

1 April 2020

Competitor insight and analysis is an important part of designing and marketing a product that sets itself apart from the competition.

Market segmentation insight paper

1 April 2020

Market segmentation is one of the key accountabilities of a product manager. As product managers, we need to be able to make sense of our markets in order the build the right thing at the right time and the right price. 

Product canvas

27 February 2020

Your product on a page. The product canvas is a vital and versatile communication tool. It can be used as an early business case for a new product or as an effective product summary for an existing product. It puts everyone on the same page!

Skills framework and skills matrix

20 February 2020

What skills does a product team need and how do you assess those? We've created a comprehensive skills framework with an individual and team skills matrix to help manage professional development and assess training needs across teams.

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