Free online short-courses

We are developing a range of online short-courses, each up to 15-minutes' long, with a piece of follow-up work to reinforce learning. The courses are pre-recorded as a slide share with video voice-over and they are deliberately short to maintain interest.  The follow-up tasks are practical and designed to add immediate value to the learner's role. These online short-courses are free to members.

You can find the videos here

Full 3-day, face-to-face course 

Our original course is an intensive 3-day programme, delivered face-to-face on client premises or at a location of your choice. The course comprises nine modules; it gives a taste of every element of product management and can be tailored to meet your needs. We believe this is still the best way to train your team, although the current health crisis has forced us to think more flexibly! 

Access the course page for more information

In-depth, advanced workshops

We specialise in workshops. We love workshops because they add so much value. Our workshops offer a deep dive into an area of product management. Theory is covered briefly to refresh knowledge and then the workshop is a facilitated application of that theory with discussion, research, brainstorming, tools, template and elbow grease!

Contact us for more information

Train the trainer

There is no need to be reliant on a training provider for ongoing development of your product team. Do you have an experienced member of the team that could lead the team's CPD? We offer coaching and mentoring support if you would like to develop in-house CPD.

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We are a non-profit organisation that helps product managers and product teams be the best they can.
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